Pictures oft the symposium


Ursula Pia Jauch


Nicole Christine Karafyllis


Tjark Ihmels and `the Golem´


The Machine which switches itself off (by Onno Onnen)


Marc Jongen, Udo Thiedeke, Franz John, Tjark Ihmels


Bernhard Serexhe, Philip Hofmann


Barbara Becker


Ursula Pia Jauch, Onno Onnen

alle Fotografien (c) Martin Warnke



"MaschinenAtem" (MachineBreath) understands itself as a artistic/scientific research project. The interdisciplinary observation and the discussion of modifications of the relations of peoples and machines under a scientific and artistic perspective is the agenda of this project. The different approaches from science and art were chosen in order to be able to register the actual and fictitious sizes of the relationship of people and machines.
Scientific approaches offer the possibility to inquire according to the facts, e.g. culture historical developments, forming of myths, philosophical, informatical or other descriptions after the relationship of facts and imaginations. Artistic approaches allow to play with perceptions of people and machines and to construct imaginary arrangements. In the medium of aesthetics they clarify perspectives of orientation of the relationship which are not virtual but yet effective for self-determination of people and machines


ArtBit-Symposium for the relationship between people and machines at the beginning of the 21st Century

With this title a symposium took place at the 14th and 15th June in the "center for art and media” in Karlsruhe ("Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie" ZKM). The symposium had the character of a 'brain storming'. It was used for the development and discussion of central questions for subject of man machine relations. Artists and scientists were invited those are concerned with the subject of human being and machines in their works.


Prof. Dr. Barbara Becker, (University Paderborn, Media-Science)

Philip Hofmann, (Karlsruhe, Art/Net-Art)

Prof. Tjark Ihmels (University of applied Science Mainz, Institut for Media-Design)

PD. Dr. Ursula Pia Jauch (University Zuerich, Philosophy)

Marc Jongen, (University of Design Karlsruhe, Philosophy)

Franz John, (ArtBit/Art-compatible Projects Berlin, Art)

Dr. Nicole Christine Karafyllis, (University Frankfurt/M., Biology/Philosophy of Technology)

Prof. Dr. Onno Onnen, (University of applied Science Karlsruhe, Machine building/Art)

Bernard Serexhe, (ZKM Karlsruhe,  Department of Education)

Dr. Udo Thiedeke, (ArtBit/University Mainz, Sociology/Art)

Dr. Martin Warnke, (University Lueneburg, Computing centre/Culture computer science)


Some questions which were elaborated during the symposium:
- In which manner arises in the structures and descriptions of current 'biomechanical' and 'informatical' machines a "third field ”, with neither clearly natural nor technological conditions?
- Which term of machine comprises these development and also the "restsum” of the inexplicable, fraudulent and complexe nature of machines?
- In which manner can art provoke or mediate new positions on the unsure boundary between the natural and the artificial?
- Is the occurring of `transclassical machines´, for instance gene technological ones, nanotechnical or autonomously acting machines, a sign of a problematic `transhuman´ self description of the human being?
- How become boundaries of physical or social self-perceptions affected by the virtualization of technological possibilities? Where are the boundaries between self-organizing machine systems and social systems and how reflects the artistic interpretation these problems?

Abstracts of the participants statments are here (only in german):

(download: MaschinenAtem_Statements.rtf ca. 30KB)